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Ishikawa National College of Technology

石川工業高等専門学校, イシカワコウギョウコウトウセンモンガッコウ
Representive : President, KANAOKA Chikao
Establishment year: 1965
Address: Ta 1 Aza-Kitachujo, Tsubatacho, Kahoku-gun, Ishikawa 929-0392 Japan
Telephone number: +81-76-288-8000
FAX number: +81-76-288-8014
Subordinate facility name  (9):
  • -Library
  • -Audio-Visual classroom
  • -Information processing center
  • -Machine shop
  • -Wind tunnel laboratory
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History (8):
  • 1965/01
    Ishikawa National Technical College was founded with Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering and Department of Civil Engineering.
  • 1970/01
    Department of Architecture was established.
  • 1984/01
    The school started to accept foreign students.
  • 1986/01
    The school started to accept transfer students.
  • 1987/01
    Department of Electronics and Information Engineering was established.
Purpose of establishment:
Technical College is a higher education facility for
consistent education for 5 years in order to train
excellent engineers with practical technology.
The first technical college was established in 1962
at a strong request by economic circles and others,
and there are 62 colleges around the country. Ishikawa
National Technical College was established in 1965,
with 5 Departments of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical
Engineering, Electronics and Information Engineering,
Civil Engineering and Architecture (the enrollment for
each department: 40). In 2000, Advanced Courses of
Electronic and Mechanical Engineering Course (the
enrollment: 12) and Architecture and Civil Engineering
Course (8) were established.
Business overview:
One of the characteristics of our curriculum is consistent
education combining general education and special education
organically, so called "wedge-form" education. Our students
get general education necessary for engineer, and at the
same time, they learn special subjects thoroughly from the
first grade. The second characteristics is focusing on
experiment and laboratory training. Excellent engineers
work hard mentally as well as physically. Our College
allocates 1/6 of the hours in learning special subjects to
experiment, laboratory training, drawing and others.
The third characteristics is small class education.
One-to-one instruction is introduced at times by making
use of satisfactory facilities and equipments. Communication
with teachers will give students unforgettable memory.
Branch Organization  (10):

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