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Miyazaki Food Development Center

宮崎県食品開発センター, ミヤザキケンショクヒンカイハツセンター
Representive : Director General, KAWANO Mikio
Establishment year: 1991
Address: 16500-2 Higashikaminaka, Sadowara-cho, Miyazaki-gun, Miyazaki 880-0303 Japan The center is located in the Techno Research Park
Telephone number: +81-985-74-2060
FAX number: +81-985-74-4488
Number of employees: 21
Organization/Research department name (4):
  • Administration Department
  • Research & Planning Team
  • Food Development Division
  • Applied Microorganisms Division
History (6):
  • 1948/01
    Industrial Research Institute of Miyazaki Prefecture was established in Nishimaruyama-machi, Miyazaki City. Manufacturing Chemistry Division (food section) was set up.
  • 1971/01
    Industrial Research Institute of Miyazaki Prefecture was moved to and newly established in Tsunehisa, Miyazaki City. Manufacturing Chemistry Division was renamed Organic Chemistry Division.
  • 1974/01
    Food Engineering Open Laboratory was set up in Organic Chemistry Division.
  • 1982/01
    Organic Chemistry Division was renamed Foods Division. At this time, the Division was divided into two departments; Fermented Foods Department and Processed Foods Department.
  • 1991/01
    Foods Division was dissolved for a better organization. Miyazaki Prefecture Food Processing Research and Development Center was newly set up in Industrial Research Institute of Miyazaki Prefecture.
Purpose of establishment:
The Center was founded to conduct research and development,
technological guidance, and commissioned test, concerning
various kinds of foods.

Business overview:
Administration Department
-General affairs and accounting.
-General management, management of assets, machines and
Research & Planning Team
-Planning and performanse of tests and research.
-Editing and publication of periodicals including technological
journals, (business) annual reports, research papers.
-Administration of information network.
Food Development Department
Research and Development of advanced technology, Food
manufacturing processes, and the utilization of unused
materials of Miyazaki Prefecture to create new products.
Applied Microbiology Department
Development and application of useful microorganisms and
other fermented food using biotechnology.
Research and Development of alcoholic beverages utilizing
the prefecture's resources.

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