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Bunkyo University Faculty of Education

文教大学 教育学部, ブンキョウダイガク キョウイクガクブ
Representive : Dean of Faculty of Education, OHASHI Yukako
Establishment year: 1969
Address: 3337 Minamiogishima, Koshigaya-shi, Saitama 343-8511 Japan
Telephone number: +81-48-974-8811
FAX number: +81-48-974-9439
Organization/Research department name (1):
  • 2,School Education Course,Psychology-Pedagogy Integrated Course
History (4):
  • 1969/01
    The Faculty of Education was added to Rissho Women's University.
  • 1976/01
    Rissho Woman's University changed its name Bunkyo University.
  • 1998/01
    The Primary School Teacher's Course changed its name School Education Course.
  • 2003/01
    The Psychology-Pedagogy Integrated Course was added to the Faculty of Education.
Purpose of establishment:
In accordance with this university's founding
principle, it takes as its aim the raising to maturity
of purposeful educators.
Business overview:
All students of this faculty are required to obtain
a teacher's certificate at graduation.We were the
nation's first private university to establish this
system and were immediately followed by many
others within a few years.Eventually the faculty
attracted a lot of young people who sincerely
wished to work as school teachers after graduation,
and Bunkyo became rapidly well known as a
training center of school teachers.
Our academic philosophy "Love of Humanity" also works
as an indispensable ethos for bringing
up intellectually,mentally and physically excellent
young teachers.
Founded in April 1969 the Faculty is now
composed of the School Education Course.
The School Education Course
The course is divided into nine subject majors:
Japanese Language,Social Studies,Mathematics,
Science,Music,Art,Physical Education,Home
economics,and Special Education,Each student is
required to select one of them as his/her own major
at the entrance exams.
The principal aim of this Course is to educate all
the students to obtain the first-grade teacher's
license for the primary school at graduation.
Furthermore,the students(except those of the
Special Education Major)can obtain 3 kinds of
first-grade teacher's licenses ranging from primary
to high schools.As for Special Education majors,
they can obtain the first-grade license for primary
school and nursery school.They can also get a
second-grade license for secondary school.
Therefore every student of the Faculty is required
to choose what kind of teacher's license to get at the
earliest stage of their college life.
It goes without saying,however,that students are
educated not merely to become efficient school
teachers but to become full-fledged members of the
coming society in the 21 st century.Various subjects
are,therefore,provided for training them as
intellectuals,government officials and office
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