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Kyoto Sangyo University Faculty of Cultural Studies Department of Intercultural Studies

京都産業大学 文化学部 国際文化学科, キョウトサンギョウダイガク ブンカガクブ コクサイブンカガッカ
Representive : Dean of Faculty YAMAKAMI Shodo
Establishment year: 2000
Address: Motoyama, Kamigamo, Kita-ku, Kyoto 603-8555, JAPAN
Telephone number: 075-705-1941
FAX number: 075-705-1514
History (2):
  • 1965/04
    The founding of Kyoto Sangyo University
  • 2000/04
    Establichment of the Faculty of Cultural Studies Department of Intercultual Studies
Purpose of establishment:
At the dawn of the new millenium, we are facing
many problems across national boundaries in spite
of rapid progress in global communication methods and
increasing exchanges in many fields of human activities.
Some troubles are deeply rooted in differences of religion,
others in racial and ethnic prejudices based on historical
and cultual backgrounds. Thus the most inportant task
in the new century is to deepen mutual understanding
on a global level through the study of the various cultures
found in our today.
This is the main aim of our department.
Parent Organization  (2):

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