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The University of Tokushima Radioisotope Research Center

徳島大学 アイソトープ総合センター, トクシマダイガク アイソトープ ソウゴウ センター
Representive : Director, MAEZAWA Hiroshi
Establishment year: 2000
Address: 3-18-15 Kuramotocho, Tokushima-shi, Tokushima 770-8503 Japan
Telephone number: +81-88-633-9416
FAX number: +81-88-633-9417
Number of employees: 4
History (1):
  • 2000/04
    Radioisotope Research Center, Tokushima University (on-campus cooperative education and research facility) was founded as a facility of ministry ordinance* by the Ministry of Education.
Purpose of establishment:
The Center started on April 1st, 2000, aiming to
improve rediation safety, education, and research.
The modern facilities of the Center support
radioisotope studies by scientists in the Josanjima
and Kuramoto campuses. Especially, it provides the
required facilities to perform radioisotopes research
at the highest level of safety for a large number of
scientists. Radioisotopes have become an important and
essential tool in modern biochemical studies, for
example, in genome analysis and post genome evaluation.
Therefore, the safe handling of radioisotope and the
education of the next generation of scientists and
physicians in the safe use of these materials is a
prerequisite for conducting present-day biomedical
research. We always strive to minimize external and
internal exposure, in order to maximize the benefits
from radioisotopes in extracting extremely useful
information necessary to advance the fields of
biochemistry and medicine.
Business overview:
Radiation Safety control of scientists physicians in
the university as Radioisotope Research Center.
Radiation Safety Training for scientists and
physicians in safe use of radioisotopes.
Research support for radioisotope studies by
scientists in the univeristy.
Research development on radiation safety contral and
use of radioisotopes.
  • 2005: \ 54 (Million)
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