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Hyogo Prefectural Institute of Technology

兵庫県立工業技術センター, ヒョウゴケンリツコウギョウギジュツセンター
Representive : Director, KITAMURA Shinzo
Establishment year: 1917
Address: 3-1-12 Yukihiracho, Suma-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo 654-0037 Japan
Number of employees: 78
Organization/Research department name (10):
  • Department of General Affairs and Finance
  • Department of Project Management
  • Department of Technical Advising and Coordination
  • Department of Materials Technology
  • Department of Product Innovation
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History (10):
  • 1917/01
    Prefectural Technical Experiment Station and Miki Branch were founded.
  • 1920/01
    Nishiwaki Branch, Prefectural Technical Experiment Station was established.
  • 1933/01
    Prefectural Technical Experiment Station was renamed Prefectural Kobe Technical Experiment Station. Miki Branch and Nishikawa Branch, becoming independent organizations, were renamed Prefectural Miki Metal Goods Experiment Station and Prefectural Nishiwaki Dye Technical Experiment Station, respectively.
  • 1943/01
    Prefectural Experiment Stations were abolished and Prefectural Guidance Center (Kobe, Miki Metal Goods, and Nishiwaki Dye) and Izushi Ceramics Branch were founded.
  • 1948/01
    They were renamed Prefectural Kobe Technical Experiment Station and Prefectural Textile Technical Experiment Station. Tachikui Branch and Institute of Leather Industry were founded.
Purpose of establishment:
For the ultimate objects of promotion of creative scientific
technology and advancement of industries, we, in Hyogo
Prefecture, are striving to establish pioneering technology
and to encourage development of technological material and
human resources potentially present in our local communities,
thus promoting, here in Hyogo, growth of healthy and creative
industries which can flexibly and promptly cope with on-going
rapid change in our current economic enviroment.
Business overview:
The Center, with the objective to promote medium and small
companies and the local industry, aims at keeping firmly the
track of needs of the prefectural industry and technological
trend at home and abroad, conducting advanced researches of
component technologies and researches for technical problems
of companies, offering technical support for companies,
transferring to companies the results of cooperative researches
with industry, academia, and governmental organizations as
well as research and development, promoting systematically
and positively the services of technical support and development
of capable persons, and improving the technolog by creating
the new technology and new industry for medium and small
  • 2008: \ 1,109 (Million)
  • 2007: \ 1,176 (Million)
  • 2006: \ 1,259 (Million)
  • 2005: \ 1,314 (Million)
  • 2004: \ 1,390 (Million)
  • 2003: \ 1,464 (Million)
  • 2002: \ 1,424 (Million)
  • 2001: \ 1,617 (Million)
  • 2000: \ 1,734 (Million)
  • 1999: \ 1,787 (Million)
  • 1998: \ 2,062 (Million)
Branch Organization  (6):
  • Technical Center Machinery and Metals
  • Sen
  • Technical Center for Textiles
  • Technical Center for Leather
  • Kikai Kinzoku Kougyou Gijutsu Shien Senta

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