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Yonago National College of Technology Liberal Arts

米子工業高等専門学校 教養教育科, ヨナゴコウギョウコウトウセンモンガッコウ キョウヨウキョウイクカ
Representive : Head, Akitsugu Takeuchi
Address: 4448 Hikonacho, Yonago-city, Tottori 683-8502 Japan
Telephone number: +81-859-24-5000
FAX number: +81-859-24-5009
Business overview:
General education aims at furnishing the students with
the knowledge and skills required for members of society
and helps them to cultivate their personalities. It also
seeks to develop their fundamental abilities for technical
education. To achieve this goal, as much as 49 percent of
the total class hours is allotted to general education.
Our graduates word overseas as well as in Japan, and work
not only in various fields of engineering but aosl in
research and development. As engineers who try to keep up
with ever-advancing soceity of technology, they are
expected to be active and creative, with cultured mind
and broad view.
General education, therefore, plays a very important role
in laying the foundation of learning and character.
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