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Anan National College of Technology

阿南工業高等専門学校, アナンコウギョウコウトウセンモンガッコウ
Representive : President, TERAZAWA Keiji
Establishment year: 1963
Address: 265 Aoki, Minobayashicho, Anan-shi, Tokushima 774-0017 Japan
Telephone number: +81-884-23-7100
FAX number: +81-884-22-5424
Organization/Research department name (1):
  • Department of Creative Technology Engineering, Advanced Course, Structure Design Engineering Course, Electricity and Control System Engineering Course,Advanced course of Creative Technology Sysetem Engineering.
Subordinate facility name  (2):
  • Center for Collaborative Research,
  • Information Processing Room
History (47):
  • 1963/04
    Anan National College of Technology (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering) was established according to revision of National School Establishment Act in Minobayasi, Anan.
  • 1963/04
  • 1963/04
    Osaka University Professor Emeritus Doctor of Engineering Tomoya Ota succeeded the position of President.
  • 1963/04
    Opening ceremony and 1st Entrance Ceremony were held.
  • 1963/04
    Due to the completion of the new campus, the School was relocated to Aoki, Minobayasi, Anan.
Purpose of establishment:
The technical college is institution of higher
education which trains the engineer who the practice
force is rich.
As an engineer, establishiment of the humanity is
basic requirements, and it is the meaning which is
effective for the first time for the society in
setting up sophisticated technology grounded ability
in the top.
In this school, it aims at early elite education
which promotes the special base education of
engineering and technology with features, as it goes
through the education of humanity serious
consideration which put the importance in the
underclassman for the learning of the basic subject
concerning engineering and technology curriculum and
cultural subject at upper grade.
In this inside, the enlightenment education of the
creativity is also incorporated, and the way in
addition, it teaches in two years and major in order
to deepen the speciality, has also been established.
Business overview:
General Culture Course: This course aims to educate students
of their general culture and knowledge required for members
of society, and also necessary for studying advanced
technology and widening their viewpoint. The curriculum
include almost of curricula in high school of scientific
course and general cultural course in university, and in
case of admission to university, almost of the units
obtained here deemed same as the units in the university
Department of Mechanical Engineering: Mechanical Engineers
are required from almost of fields in industry, such as
mechanical industry, electric industry to information
industry and so on and in the job fields it also composed
of several type, such as research and development to
production management and so on. Therefore in this
department, curriculum is prepared taking importance on
basic knowledge learning and creative capability breeding,
in order to take leadership in various fields.
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering:
Electrical and Electronic Technology is spread widely in
social life, such as TV, power generation and information
system and so on and technology related this fields make
rapid progress. In this department, curriculum defines the
basic subjects required for electronic and electronic
etc. and specialized subjects such as designing of
electronic circuits, required for breeding practical
ability of specialists, as the compulsory subjects. Coping
with the recent technological progress, optical engineering
and signal processing are included in the advanced subjects.
In order to cope with social requirements, we introduce
2-course system of electric energy conversion course and
electronic communication course, and therefore students can
select subjects with own objective.
Department of System and Control Engineering: Modern society
forms high-tech society, which utilizes technology of
control, computer, electronic circuit, communication and so
on. It is important to learn the basics of each technology
and relations among them. In the department, curriculum
takes importance on control, electronics, information and
aim to bring up engineers who are able to cope with
high-tech society.

Department of Construction Systems: The curriculum includes
not only fields of civil engineering, but also more wide
fields of such as landscape, natural environment, disaster
prevention and so on. Our aim is to bring up engineers of
having integrated basic knowledge and skill of electrical,
mechanical and architectural engineering and also
information processing, in order to take leadership in
Advanced Course:
Structure Design Engineering Course: The curriculum is
composed of dynamics, materials, and environment,
processing engineering and aims to bring up structure
design engineer. We consider also breeding of engineers
capable of survey, planning, construction and its
management; required subjects are included in curriculum.
The students, who graduate this course mainly worked at
manufacturing industry and construction industry.
Electricity and Control Engineering Course. : The curriculum
is composed of electrical and electronics, control and
measuring engineering and aim to bring up maintenance,
operation and management engineers in fields of such as
electrical control measurement, FA-system and so on. The
students, who graduate this course mainly worked at
manufacturing industry.
The Center for Collaborative Research: This Center aims to promote the joint study
within the College and graduation study of students, and
to contribute the development of regional society. The
Center is composed of Regional Joint Techno Center, Region
Cooperation Promotion Committee, Research Support Committee,
Committee for Extension Lectures,Committee for Research Reports,
Committee for Industrial Property.
The five activities are as follows: Joint research
within the College, Promotion and enlightenment of New
Technology, Refresh education of engineers, Consulting of
utilization of facilities, Joint research with third
parties etc.
Creative Techno-Center: This Center is joint research
building, which has at 1st and 2nd floor the Regional Joint
Techno-Center. The Center for Collaborative Research manage
the Center and contact point is the Center Management Room. Arrangement of the building
is as follows. 1st Floor Center management room, project
rooms, 2nd floor, technical consulting room, small seminar
room, researcher anteroom, seminar room, meeting room, 3rd
floor, joint experiment room, graduation research room,
laboratory, 4th floor, joint experiment room, instructor
anteroom, multimedia room. Annex facility: Wind power
generation system (Windmill diameter 7.4m,Power 10kw:
Fountain in front of the School)
  • 2004: \ 1,279 (Million)
  • 2003: \ 1,476 (Million)
  • 2002: \ 2,149 (Million)
  • 2001: \ 1,638 (Million)
  • 2000: \ 1,537 (Million)
Branch Organization  (10):

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