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Tohoku Seikatsu Bunka University

東北生活文化大学, トウホクセイカツブンカダイガク
Representive : President, ASAO Toyonobu
Establishment year: 1958
Address: 1-18-2 Nijinooka, Izumi-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi 981-8585 Japan
Telephone number: +81-22-272-7511
FAX number: +81-22-301-5602
Organization/Research department name (1):
  • Faculty of Home Economics
History (42):
  • 1900/10
    A teacher, Komaji Mishima was approved to establish Tohoku Law School in Higashi Sanbancho, Sendai City, and started it on October 28th.
  • 1903/10
    Tohoku Women's Business School (regular course, special course, and advanced research course) was approved to be established.
  • 1903/10
    Komaji and Yoshi Mishima established Tohoku Women's Business School in the same place of Tohoku Law School in Higashi Sanbancho, Sendai City.
  • 1913/09
    The school buildings were moved to Shimizu Koji, Sendai City.
  • 1922/03
    Tohoku Law School was abolished.
Purpose of establishment:
In order to enhance our cultural life in Japan,
we study and teach students on academic sciences
and arts to bring up their intellectural, moral,
and applicable abilities.
Business overview:
Education and Research in "Home Economics" and
"Living and Arts"
  • 2003: \ 531 (Million)
Branch Organization  (3):

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