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Meijo University Faculty of Agriculture Department of Applied Biological Chemistry

名城大学 農学部 応用生物化学科, メイジョウダイガク ノウガクブ オウヨウセイブツカガクカ
Representive : Head of a department, OHBA Masaharu
Establishment year: 1999
Address: 1-501 Shiogamaguchi, Tempaku-ku, Nagoya 468-8502 Japan
Telephone number: +81-52-832-1151
History (3):
  • 1950/04
    Establishment of Department of Agriculture in Faculty of Agriculture.
  • 1972/04
    Establishment of Department of Agricultural Chemistry,
  • 1999/04
    Establishment of Departments of Agrobiological Resources and Applied Biological Chemistry with abolishing Departments of Agriculture and Agricultural Chemistry.
Purpose of establishment:
Education in Agriculture
Business overview:
Department of Agricultural Chemistry (April 1999,
Department of Applied Biological Chemistry)
The Faculty of Agriculture was reinforced in 1999 and
the new educational scheme in order to encourage the
biotechnological and expert knowledge in agriculture.
Outline and features of this department are concerned
with production and management in agriculture and
related industries including the protection of the
environment. This department is the application of the
basic principles of chemistry to the investigation of
life phenomenon as well as to food processing,
agricultural and environmental production.
Research field (2): Life Science ,  Nanotechnology/Materials
Parent Organization  (2):

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