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National Cancer Center

国立研究開発法人国立がん研究センター, コクリツケンキュウカイハツホウジンコクリツガンケンキュウセンター
Representive : Director-General, HIROHASHI Setuo
Establishment year: 1962
Address: 5-1-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0045 Japan
Number of employees: 136
Organization/Research department name (22):
  • Pathology Division
  • Biochemistry Division
  • Experimental Pathology and Chemotherapy Division
  • Bioloby Division
  • Pharmacology Division
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Subordinate facility name  (5):
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance facility
  • Mass spectrometer facility
  • High energy RI experimental facility
  • High level safety experimental facility
  • SPF animal breeding facility and so forth
History (9):
  • 1961/02
    The National Cancer Center Establishment Planning Office was set up in line with the above report, reflecting the actual wishes and expectations of the nation.
  • 1962/01
  • 1962/02
    President Takao Tamiya and other leading staff members were appointed and all endeavored to prepare administrative matters with respect to the completion of the building and the start of operations.
  • 1963/03
    Nine knowledgeable and experienced members were appointed as counselors to promote the basic ideas of the National Cancer Center.
  • 1981/09
    Total reconstruction of the old Research Institute building was completion.
Purpose of establishment:
There has been a change in the variety of diseases in
Japan since 1953. Whereas tuberculosis and epidemics
were, until then, the leading causes of death, the
so-called adult diseases or non-infectious chronic
and cardiac diseases, have since then increased.
From the standpoint of national medical and health and
to meet the needs of the nation, it became incumbent
upon the government to combat cancer with respect to
its prevention, diagnosis and treatment. A cancer
center thus became indispensable as the core of the
related national policy.
In 1960, the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Japan
appropriated a budget for planning the establishment
of a Cancer Center. A National Cancer Center
Establishment Planning Committee was organized with
nine knowledgeable and experienced members headed by
Dr. Takeo Tamiya, then President of the Japan Medical
Association. Discussion on future policy and important
matters relating to the proposed Center were soon
On August 6, 1960, the committee submitted the following
report to the Ministry of Health and Welfare:
1. Establishment of Diagnostic and Therapeutic
(a) Establishment of an exemplary National Cancer Center
in Tokyo for the national cancer control program.
(b) Establishment of national or prefectural cancer
centers in respective regions in accordance with Japan's
2. Management of National Cancer Center
(a) Hospitals
1.Place emphasis on diagnostic departments
2.Actively treat late-phase cancer patients and consider
reduction or exemption of treatment charges.
3.Treat every kind of cancer patient in a
multidisciplinary way.
4.Train medical and comedical staff in cancer diagnosis
and treatment.
(b) Research Institute
1.Start from clinical research and gradually advance to
basic research.
2.Test anti-cancer drug effectiveness and proceed to the
development of new methods for cancer therapy.
3.Form a nationwide research organization by
distributing subsidies and create a system of visiting
(c) Function as an information center for cancer
(d) Management of the National Cancer Center in close
cooperation with administrative authorities in the
Business overview:
The Institute aims at promoting basic research works
which are potentially useful for prevention, diagnoses
and treatments against human cancer and eventually rein
back on cancer.
Taking advantage of its location next to the hospital,
the Institute has become the leading research institute
of the cancer research not only in Japan but also in
the world, emphasizing on the cancer researches that
are directly linked to clinical medicine from various
points of view.
The Institute conducts cancer researches on diverse
fields from epidemiology of cancer, carcinogenic
factors, elucidation of carcinogenic mechanism on a
molecular level to anticancer drugs, in close
collaboration among related sections.
Furthermore, the branch institute, which was set up a
few years ago, carries out researches on a new field
such as tumor psychiatry as well as clinical studies
centering on lung cancer and liver cancer.
  • 2001: \ 2,976 (Million)
  • 1996: \ 2,066 (Million)
  • 1995: \ 1,842 (Million)
Branch Organization  (6):
  • Gan Yobou, Kenshin Kenkyu Senta
  • Kenkyusho
  • Library
  • Central Hospital
  • Hospital East

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