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Hiroshima International University Faculty of Engineering Department of Information and Communications Technology

広島国際大学 工学部 情報通信学科, ヒロシマコクサイダイガク コウガクブ ジョウホウツウシンガッカ
Representive : Department head, Abe Masahide
Establishment year: 2002
Address: 5-1-1 Hirokoshingai, Kure-city, Hiroshima 737-0112 Japan
Telephone number: +81-823-73-8351
FAX number: +81-823-73-8352
History (2):
  • 1998/01
    Established Hiroshima International University
  • 2002/01
    Established Department of Information Technology (Faculty of Infrastructural Technologies)
Purpose of establishment:
The department of information communication aims to
promote gentleman who systematically learn the
information science, the communication engineering,
and can correspond to a wide field.
Business overview:
The lectures concerning information, the communication,
and the system, the experiment, the practice, and the
graduation research are given. In addition, the
acquisition of various qualifications which affect the
information communication such as CCNA (Cisco Certified
Network Associate) are supported.
Parent Organization  (2):

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