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Hokusei Gakuen University School of Humanities Department of Psychology and Applied Communication

北星学園大学 文学部 心理・応用コミュニケーション学科, ホクセイガクエンダイガク ブンガクブ シンリ・オウヨウコミュニケーションガッカ
Representive : Chairperson, OSHIMA Sumiko
Establishment year: 2002
Address: 2-3-1 Oyachi Nishi, Atsubetsu-ku,Sapporo, Hokkaido 004-8631 Japan
Telephone number: +81-11-891-2731
FAX number: +81-11-896-7660
Number of employees: 380
History (1):
  • 2002/01
Business overview:
Aiming to revive rich human communication, this department features
educational and research system under which the union of science and
application is pursued.
To bring the union of science and application into realization,
significant hours of practical training are incorporated in the
curriculum.For the second year, students are divided into the areas
of architecture, agricultural, fieldwork and educational courses to
conduct onsite training. For the latter half of the third year,
the "full flexible system" is introduced, under which only one subject
is compulsory, to provide students with voluntary learning
opportunities. Effective use of this system enables students to plan a
maximum of eight months, freely, including material gathering or
volunteer work abroad. The decision to emphasize the psychological
approach or the applied approach is left to the students, and diverse
research styles are accepted for graduation theses.
The department also attaches importance to languages, the essence of
communication. While providing training "writing" and "speaking" to
enhance communication, credits ar granted for the results of English
proficiency examinations and other language proficiency tests.
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