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Okayama University of Science Graduate School of Informatics

岡山理科大学 総合情報研究科, オカヤマリカダイガク ソウゴウジョウホウケンキュウカ
Representive : Dean of Graduate School of Informatics, HOSHINO Takuji
Establishment year: 2000
Address: 1-1 Ridaicho, Okayama-shi, Okayama 700-0005 Japan
Telephone number: +81-86-252-3161
FAX number: 086-256-8491
Organization/Research department name (6):
  • 5,
  • Doctral Program-Mathematical and Environmental System Science
  • Master's Program-Information Science
  • Simulation Science
  • Biosphere-Geosphere System
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History (3):
  • 2001/04
    Established Graduate School of Informatics with Master's Programs in Information Science, Simulation Physics, Biosphere-Geosphere System Science and Socio-Information
  • 2003/04
    Established Doctoral Program in Mathematical and Environmental System Science
  • 2005/04
    The name ‘Master's Programs in Simulation Physics’ will be changed to ‘Master's Program in Simulation Science’.
Purpose of establishment:
As we advance into the 21 century and become more
internationalized, highly networked and progress in
informational technology in the fields of industry,
economics and community the goal of education in the
graduate school of informatics is to cultivate young
scientists and technologists who can conduct
significant work in their respective fields with
ample knowledge and skill of soft sciences.
Business overview:
Research and Education
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