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Osaka Municipal Technical Research Institute

大阪市立工業研究所, オオサカシリツコウギョウケンキュウショ
Representive : director, TOMINAGA Yoshio
Establishment year: 1916
Address: 1-6-50 Morinomiyha, Joto-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, 536-8553, Japan
Number of employees: 122
Organization/Research department name (6):
  • Technochemistry Department
  • Organic Chemistry Department
  • Plastic Department
  • Biochemistry Department
  • Inorganic Chemistry Department
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Purpose of establishment:
The Osaka Municipal Technical Research Institute was founded
in 1916 with the principal objective of promoting and advancing
the manufacturing industries of Osaka. Since then, we have
performed comprehensive technological services through our
success in developing much innovative technology based on
fundamental studies and their application. This has won for
us an international reputation both academically and industrially.
The Institute also promotes international friendship through
technical cooperation with many developing countries round
the world.
Business overview:
・Research ・Commissioned Research
・Test and Analysis on Request
・Technical Consultation ・ Laboratories, Facilities, and
Instruments Opened for Small and Medium sized Enterprises
・Guidance and Assistance ・Library Service ・Technical Training
・International Technical Cooperration ・Patent Option
  • 1999: \ 1,868 (Million)
  • 1998: \ 1,890 (Million)
  • 1997: \ 1,910 (Million)

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