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Nagaoka University of Technology

長岡技術科学大学, ナガオカギジユツカガクダイガク
Representive : Nobuhiko AZUMA, President
Establishment year: 1976
Address: 1603-1 Kamitomiokamachi, Nagaoka-shi, Niigata 940-2188 Japan
Telephone number: +81-258-46-6000
FAX number: +81-258-47-9000
Organization/Research department name (19):
  • Central for Faculty Development,Center for General Education,
  • Central Machine Shop, Language Center,
  • Physical Education and Health Care Center,
  • Analysis and Instrumentation Center,
  • Extreme Energy-Density Research Institute,
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History (25):
  • 1976/10
    Nagaoka University of Technology was founded.
  • 1978/04
    Matriculation ceremony of the first undergraduate class held.
  • 1978/04
    Language Center established.
  • 1979/04
    Physical Education and Health Care Center established.
  • 1980/04
    Matriculation ceremony of the first graduate class held.
Purpose of establishment:
The remarkable strides made in Japanese science and
technology over the last few decades have been
accompanied by no less outstanding achievements by
Japanese industry. The time has already arrived in
which there is the need for a new approach to
science and technology,one that can facilitate the
formation of a positive, balanced, and supportive
relationship between man's environment and the
progress and needs of industry.
This vital goal requires the training of a new generation
of engineers, steeped in practical expertise and a
creative approach to the tasks they are faced with
Nagaoka University of Technology was founded for the
purpose of this important undertaking. As such, it
is a university that places its greatest emphasis on
graduate-level education.
The university's guiding concept for both learning and
research is to encourage originality hand in hand with
practical skills, knowledge, and experience. At the
undergraduate level, the university requires that students
engage in months of on-the-job experience(internship)as
an integral part of the curriculum.Another basic of the
university is the promotion of high-level research which
is carried out jointy with industry.
Business overview:
1.Undergraduate Program
Under the university's innovative system of engineering education,
undergraduate students are admitted as juniors(third year students)
and freshmen(first year students).We mainly accept technical college
graduated as juniors;we also accept graduates of technical as well as
general high school as freshman.Another feature of our admission
policy is that many successful applicants are admitted solely on the
basis of recommendations from their schools.We also accept
international students in the twinning program as juniors.
2.Master's Program
Among the unique aspects of the education provided by Nagaoka
University of Technology is an integrated curriculum that provides
a unified course of study that begins in the undergraduate years and
continues systematically through graduate studies.The master's program
aims to train people who will become leaders in the fields of
engineering and science,and who will be capable of successfully
addressing the needs of an increasingly complex society.The program
places special emphasis on the development of a high level of
knowledge,extensive practical experience and expertise,and
3.Doctoral Program
Our integrated curricurum extends to the doctoral program,as well.
The doctoral program emphasizes the development of highly capable
people who possess a broad perpective and flexible,creative thinking
ability.The program aims to train engineers and researchers who can
advance in their academic pursuits while at the same translating the
results of their work into practical applications,such as the creation
of new technologies.
4.Internship(Good Practice)
One of the aims of the university is to develop future engineers who
will play a leading role in their chosen fields.Preparation for this
requires rigorous academic training and a lengthy period of practical
experience,gained by going into society and working in close contact
with professionals on a daily basis.The university's undergraduate
curriculum,deeply committed to practical experience gained outside the
classroom,requires seniors(fourth year students)to spend up to five
months working private enterprises,government agencies,and elsewhere.
5.Development of Leading Engineers
The university provides common classes to every student in order to
foster their management skills and establish cultural,social,and
international knowledge.This is consistent with the university's goal
of graduating talented people who are not only highly competent in
their respective fields but also capable of undertaking effective
organizaitional leadership.
6.Continuing Education
The university is committed to actively responding to the social need
for continued educational opportunities at the advanced level.As such,
the university welcomes those who have already earned degrees at
technical colleges or universities and have already embarked on
careers.In April 2006,the University established Professional Graduate
School'System Safety'.
7.Cooperation with Private Enterprises and Government Offices
The university is working in close cooperasion with private
enterprises and government offices for the purpose of solving the
practical problems in industries or local communities.The university
also energetically promotes cooperative research projects carried out
by matching appropriately the technical and scientific knowledge of
the university with demands of local communities and industries,and
seeks to create new technologies or new products while researchers and
government officers concerned with the project perform their parts most
effectively and cooperatively as to the purpose.Industry-Academia-
Government and Regional Collaboration/Intellectual Property Office has
been established due to sum up this activity and encourage it
8.Program for Promoting of High-Quality University Education
"practical Meister System of Technological Education"and
"Restructuring of Fundamental Engineering Education based upon
Universal Design Concept"proposed by our university have been selected
as Program for Promoting High-Quality University Education,which is
supported by the Ministry of Education,Culture,Sports,Science and
Technology(MEXT),and which aims to assure the quality and to stenghen
the international competitiveness of the higher education system in our
country.Basides,"Enhancement of Education Activity by Learning
Supporter System"propounded by our university has been culled as
Program for Promoting University Education and Student Support Theme
A:Program for Promoting University Education Reform,which is financed
by the MEXT and strives to improve the Quality of the higher education
system in our country.
9.Top Runner Incubation Center for Academia-Industry Fusion Training System
Top Runner Incubation Center for Academia-Industry Fusion Training
was established to raise researchers of the world's highest level,
namaly Academia-Industry Fusion Top Runners.Young researchers invited
from all oner the world are trained as researcher-educator through
independent researches in ideal enviroment and the participation in
university education.The Academia-Industry Fusion Top Runners are
capable of both education and creative researches directly lead to
  • 2010: \ 7,422 (Million)
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