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Hyogo Prefectural Technology Center for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

兵庫県立農林水産技術総合センター, ヒョウゴケンリツノウリンスイサンギジュツソウゴウセンター
Representive : Director, AKIYOSHI Hidetaka
Establishment year: 2002
Address: 1533 Ko, Minaminooka, Befucho, Kasai-shi, Hyogo 679-0198 Japan
Telephone number: +81-790-47-2400
FAX number: +81-790-47-0549
Number of employees: 247
Organization/Research department name (37):
  • Director in Charge
  • Project Planning and Administration
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Biotechnology
  • Agricultural Extension
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Subordinate facility name  (4):
  • Bioengineering research facility
  • Fruit tree experimental facility
  • Pest insect experimental facility
  • Research facility of natural enemy control
History (8):
  • 1894/04
    Hyogo Prefecture Farming Experiment Station was established in Oji Mura, Akashi Cho Akashi Gun (Kitaoji Cho, Akashi City).
  • 1920/04
    Prefectural Breeding Stock Station was established in Takaoka Mura, Shikama Gun (Imajuku, Himeji City).
  • 1950/04
    Hyogo Prefecture Farming Experiment Station, Agriculture and Forestry Training Center, Breeding Stock Station, and Agricultural Management Training Center were integrated and Hyogo Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station was founded.
  • 1968/04
    Prefectural Breeding Stock Station was renamed Prefectural Livestock Experiment Station.
  • 1975/04
    Hyogo Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station and Agricultural College were integrated and Hyogo Prefectural Agricultural Center was established.
Purpose of establishment:
-to teach and train members for improving and spreading
agricultural technology with the development of
agricultural technology and research,
-to train agricultural successors and leaders in
Agricultural College, and
-to hold seminars for farmers and agricultural leaders.
Developing technologies and implementing demonstration tests
to meet the demands of producers and consumers as a total
technical supporting institute in agriculture, forestry and
Developing agricultural technologies, and fostering
specialists who spread improved technologies in cooperation
with tests and researches
Fostering farmers and trainers at Agricultural University
Offering education to formers and farming trainers
Business overview:
-Teaching and training members for the improvement and
the spread of agriculture
-Agricultural education and training
Development of agricultural, forestry and fishery technologies
Fostering of specialists who spread improved technologies
Offering of agricultural education and training
  • 2011: \ 2,767 (Million)
Branch Organization  (3):
  • Suisan Gijutsu Senta
  • Nougyou Gijutsu Senta
  • Shinrin Ringyou Gijutsu Senta

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