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University of Occupational and Environmental Health, Japan

産業医科大学, サンギョウ イカ ダイガク
Representive : University President, HIGASHI Toshiaki
Establishment year: 1977
Address: 1-1 Iseigaoka, Yahatanishi-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka 807-8555 Japan
Telephone number: +81-93-603-1611
Organization/Research department name (14):
  • School of Medicine
  • School of Health Sciences
  • Graduate School of Medical Science
  • Institute of Industrial Ecological Sciences
  • Facility for Education and Research Support
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History (22):
  • 1972/01
    School juridical person Mifune Gakuen School was founded, and Kumamoto Junior College of Music was established in April of the same year.
  • 1977/12
    Founding of school juridical person, University of Occupational and Environmental Health was approved. Establishment of University of Occupational and Environmental Health was approved.
  • 1978/01
    University of Occupational and Environmental Health was founded.
  • 1978/04
    University of Occupational and Environmental Health was inaugurated.
  • 1978/12
    Foundation of Junior College of Medical Technology, University of Occupational and Environmental Health was approved.
Purpose of establishment:
As society becomes increasingly welfare-oriented and healthcare demands grow and diversify,there is an urgent need for training medical doctors with firm ethics and a thorough understanding of the role of medical science in society.
Furthermore,working conditions continue to change,especially in Japan with its highly advanced industrialization.
Thus,major topics in welfare society include determining how actual working conditions influence workers' health,what impact environmental pollution has on local citizens,and proper measures for coping with these situations,while at the same time ensuring a high quality of working life.
In response to such social demands,our university was established for the purpose of promoting occupational and environmental health and to train excellent occupational health physicians,occupational health nurses and environmental management technologists in this field while providing education and conducting research in the general fields of medical science.

society, medical
demand is increasing and diversifying. In response to
this, it is strongly demanded to train medical doctors
with unshakable sense of morality and sufficient
understanding of the social role of medicine.
In highly industrialized Japan, the influence of work
environment on workers' health is significant, and its
conditions are diversified. Therefore, in order to
realize a high quality life, it is an important issue
of a welfare society to understand the actual
conditions of work environment and its influence on
workers' health, and furthermore to understand the
influence of environmental pollutions or the like on
the health of local residents.
To live up to these social demands, the University was
established aiming not only at education and research
on medical science in general but also at the
promotion of industrial health and training of
excellent medical doctors for industrial health.

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