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The International University of Kagoshima Junior College Information Culture Course

鹿児島国際大学短期大学部 情報文化学科, カゴシマコクサイダイガクタンキダイガクブ ジョウホウブンカガッカ
Representive : NISHIHARA Seiji
Establishment year: 1967
Address: 8-34-1 Sakanoue,Kagoshima-shi,Kagoshima 891-0197
Telephone number: 099-261-3211
FAX number: 099-261-3237
Purpose of establishment:
Our educational motto is to build up excellent characters
and produce persons of rich culture with high intelligence
and rich sentiments, giving general, practical and special
education contributable to the international society as
well as to the community, based on regional tradition and
spirit of foundation. We give the special education for
each course, required especially for information science,
and cultivate men of talent with rich culture, insight and
technical skill, suitable for, and contributable to, the
modern society.
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