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Chukyo University

中京大学, チュウキョウダイガク
Representive : Chancellor & Chairman of Board of Directors The Umemura Group of Educational Institutions, KIYOHIDE Umemura President
Establishment year: 1956
Address: Nagoya Campus: 101-2 Yagoto Honmachi, Showa-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken 466-8666 Japan Toyota Campus: 101 Tokodachi, Kaizu-cho, Toyota-shi, Aichi-ken 470-0393 Japan
Telephone number: Nagoya Campus : +81-52-835-7111 Toyota Campus : +81-565-46-1211
FAX number: Nagoya Campus : +81-52-835-7143 Toyota Campus : +81-565-46-1289
Organization/Research department name (21):
  • School of Letters, School of World Englishes, School of
  • Psychology, School of Contemporary Sociology, School of Law,
  • School of Business and Policy Design, School of Economics,
  • School of Management, School of Information
  • Science and Technology, School of Health and Sport
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History (45):
  • 1954/01
    Chukyo Junior College was founded. Department of Commerce was established. Seimei Umemura assumed office as President.
  • 1956/01
    Chukyo University was founded. Department of Commerce, School of Commerce was established.
  • 1957/03
    Department of Commerce, Chukyo Junior College was abolished.
  • 1959/01
    Department of Physical Education, School of Physical Education was established.
  • 1962/01
    Department of Management was added to School of Commerce. Department of Health Education was added to School of Physical Education.
Research field (3): Life Science ,  Nanotechnology/Materials ,  Humanities & Social Sciences
Branch Organization  (59):

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