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Waseda University Faculty of Science and Engineering

早稲田大学 理工学術院, ワセダダイガク リコウガクジュツイン
Representive : Senior Dean, HASHIMOTO Shuji
Establishment year: 2004
Address: 3-4-1 Okubo, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo 169-8555, Japan
Telephone number: +81-3-5286-3000
FAX number: +81-3-5286-3500
History (2):
  • 1908/02
    Science and engineering Department established,along with the Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering Departments.
  • 1951/04
    Graduate School Master's Degree Program established at Waseda University under the new educational system.Mechanical Engineering ,Electrical Engineering,Structural Engineering,Mining and Metallurgy,and Applied Chemistry established as fields of specialty whithin the Engineering Research Department.
Research field (1): Nanotechnology/Materials
Parent Organization  (1):

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