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Hosei University Research Center for Computing and Multimedia Studies

法政大学 情報メディア教育研究センター, ホウセイダイガク ジョウホウメディアキョウイクケンキュウセンター
Representive : DIRECTOR, KUSABUKA Morito
Establishment year: 1964
Address: 3-7-2 Kajinocho, Koganei-shi, Tokyo 184-8584 Japan
Telephone number: +81-42-387-6071
FAX number: +81-42-387-6085
History (8):
  • 1964/01
    The Computer Center was established at the Koganei Campus.
  • 1974/01
    The main frame FACOM 230-45S was firstly introduced for the matin facility in the Computer Center.
  • 1984/01
    TSS terminals are introduced for the main frame FACOMM 360AP.
  • 1989/01
    The Computer Center in connected to the Internet for real timecommunication and exchange with the researchers all over the world.
  • 1994/01
    The Computer Center took a great step forward the computational science research fieldsby providing the super computer VPX210.
Purpose of establishment:
Major research objectives at the computational
science research center are the promotion of the
advanced computational science as follows:
1. Mechanical Engineering
* Teleoperated Control of Construction Machinery
with Network.
* Portable Tactile Feedback Interface in Virtual
2. Chemical Engineering
* Analysis of Chemical Reaction by Molecular
Orbital Method.
* Monte Carlo Simulations for Two-Dimensional
Hydrogen Bonding Model of Acetic Acid.
3. Electrical Engineering
* Electromagnetic Fields Visualization near the
Electric and Electronic Devices.
* Estimation of Current Distribution using a
Modified Rogowski Coil.
4. Civil Engineering
* Anisotropic Constitutive Equation of Rock Mass
based on Damage Mechanics.
* Non-linear Analysis for Tensile Fracture based
on the Finite Volume Concepts.
5. Computational Science
* Handling Technique of the Dynamic Computer
Graphics by the Wavelets.
* Three Dimensional Magnetic Fields Data
Analysis by the Wavelets.
Business overview:
Computational Science Research Center,whose main site
is at Koganei campus,is a facility of computer system
for all Hosei campuses,providing supercomputer.This
supercomputer is connected by network so that all of
the stuffs aswell as students can access resource
from Ichigaya and Tama campuses via high-speed
digital networks.Further,the campus network is
connected to the Internet forreal time communication
and exchange with the researchers all over the world.
Relating research education and the support are
carried out with the promotion ofthe advanced
computational science research thought the fixed
connection with theHosei University Information
Center.Research report is published annually.
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