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Akita Prefectural University

秋田県立大学, アキタケンリツダイガク
Representive : 学長 小林 淳一
Establishment year: 1999
Address: 241-438 Kaidobata-Nishi Nakano Shimoshinjo Akita City 010-0195 Japan
Telephone number: 本部 018-872-1500(秋田キャンパス) 本荘事務室 0184-27-2000(本荘キャンパス)
FAX number: 本部 018-872-1670(秋田キャンパス) 本荘事務室 0184-27-2180(本荘キャンパス)
History (1):
  • 1994/04
    Akita Prefectural University was established.
Purpose of establishment:
(1). To foster the personnel who are able to carve the way
of 21st century.
To raise up the person who has wide view, adaptable idea,
and plentiful creativity and is able to lead the 21st
(2). As the open university to the region, to contribute
to the sustainable development of Akita Prefecture.
To study advanced science and to develop new technology
for enhancing the technological level of regional
industries in order to contribute to the promotion of
regional industrial development.
Branch Organization  (10):

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