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Okayama University Advanced Science Research Center

岡山大学 自然生命科学研究支援センター, オカヤマダイガク シゼンセイメイカガクケンキュウシエンセンター
Establishment year: 2003
Address: 1-1-1 Tushimanaka,Kita-ku,okayama-shi,okayama 700-8530 Japan / 2-5-1 Shikata,Kita-ku,okayama-shi,okayama 700-8558 Japan
Telephone number: +81-86-252-1111
FAX number: +81-86-251-7114
Purpose of establishment:
The Advanced Science Research Center was newly reorganized
in April 2003. The purpose of the renovation is to improve
supporting systems for the progress of education- and
research-activities in natural science, especially of
life-science, unification of interdisciplinary fields,
promotion of advanced research, cooperation with local
society, and collectively to contribute to education- and
research-activities in our university. It is intergrated by
five former facilities; 'Gene Research Center' 'Center of
Instrumental Analysis' 'Radiolsotope Center' in Tsushima
campus and 'Radilsotope Center' 'Animal Center of Medical
Researches' in Shikata campus.
Business overview:
Department of Radiation Research(Tsushima and Shikata
Supervision and guides for radiation protection and training
research personnel for radioactive works. Provides facilities
for experiments with photonic/radioactive reagents under
special regulations.

Department of Animal Resources
Supply, maintenance and breeding of animals for research.
Provides facilities for experiments with a variety of
experimental animals.

Department of Genomics and Proteomics
Supervision and guides for experiments on recombinant DNA
and training personnel for experiments. Provides facilities
for recombinant DNA and fluoro-luminescent researches.

Department of Instrumental Analysis
Supervision of large scale analysis for jointuse and
developing novel techniques for analysis and calculation.
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