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Oita Industrial Research Institute

大分県産業科学技術センター, オオイタケンサンギョウカガクギジュツセンター
Representive : Director-General, ISHII Itaru
Establishment year: 1994
Address: 1-4361-10 Takaenishi, Oita-shi, Oita 870-1117 Japan
Telephone number: +81-97-596-7100
FAX number: +81-97-596-7110
Number of employees: 64
Organization/Research department name (6):
  • Planning & Design Division
  • Material Development Division
  • Mechanics & Electronics Division
  • Industrial Chemical Division
  • Foods Science & Technology Division
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History (10):
  • 1910/01
    Oita Prefectural Brewage Experiment Station was founded.
  • 1922/09
    Oita Prefectural Industrial Research Institute was founded.
  • 1938/01
    Beppu Craftwork Guidance Center, Oita Prefectural Industrial Research Institute was set up.
  • 1947/01
    Oita Prefectural Hita Industrial Arts Guidance Center was set up.
  • 1948/04
    Beppu Craftwork Guidance Center was renamed Oita Prefectural Beppu Industrial Arts Guidance Center.
Purpose of establishment:
With a rapid technological innovations and development,which
are exemplified by research and development of new technologies,
their rapid adaptation to various new industrial areas,and by
technology transfer and technological exchanges, the role and
function of public research organizations are becoming more and
more important. This Institute was founded with the goal to
become "a source of technology and information", "a true
technological supporting center for middle- and small-sized
enterprises", and "a welcome industrial science and technology
center". The Institute is devoting its full energy to the
support of technological innovations for these enterprises,
and to the activation of a wide range of programs and promotion.
Business overview:
The Institute conducts programs to promote and support the
local enterprises in their effort of making breakthrough in
advanced technologies. With an emphasis on research and
development, six areas of activities are selected for
fulfilling the function of this Center. They are research
and development, technological training and support,
commissioned tests and analysis, fostering gifted trainees,
provision of technological information, and technological
exchange programs.
  • 2005: \ 286 (Million)
Branch Organization  (2):
  • Hita Sangyou Kougei Shikensho
  • Beppu Industrial Art Research Division

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