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National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry

国立研究開発法人国立精神・神経医療研究センター, コクリツセイシンシンケイイリョウケンキュウセンター
Representive : 理事長 中込 和幸
Establishment year: 1986
Address: 4-1-1 Ogawahigashicho, Kodaira-shi, Tokyo, 187-8502,Japan
Subordinate facility name  (3):
  • Hospital
  • National Institute of Neuroscience
  • National Institute of Mental Health
Business overview:
Change for aging society and to complex and diverse life
styles increase mental and psychosomatic disorders year
by year in our country. Conquering these disorders as
well as maintaining and promoting mental health are
important public issues for the 21st century. To meet
such demands of the new era, the National Center of
Neurology and Psychiatry (NCNP) was established as the
3rd national highly specialized medical center (or
National Center) on October 1986, following National
Cancer Center and National Cardiovascular Center.
The NCNP consists of 2 hospitals and 2 research institutes.
In alliance with other related institutions, the NCNP has
been made best effort to do comprehensive and pioneer
tasks such as diagnoses, cure, investigations, and
training for scientists and technical workers in regard
to mental, nervous, muscular and developmental disorders.
For now, various achievements as follows have been
produced; offering highly special medical practices with
good quality, developing good foundations and accumulating
clinical studies, and fostering young doctors and
researchers from all over the country.
Research field (1): Life Science
Branch Organization  (2):

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