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Wakayama University Faculty of Education

和歌山大学 教育学部, ワカヤマダイガク キョウイクガクブ
Representive : Dean, IKEGIWA Hiroyuki
Establishment year: 1949
Address: 930 Sakaedani, Wakayama 640-8510 JAPAN
Telephone number: +81-73-457-7206
FAX number: +81-73-457-7220
Organization/Research department name (3):
  • Teacher Training, International Cultural Studies,
  • Natural and Environmental Studies,
  • Lifelong Integrated Education
Subordinate facility name  (4):
  • Center for Educational Research and Training,
  • Laboratory Farm, Attached Primary School,
  • Attached Junior High School,
  • Atttached School for special needs Education
History (3):
  • 1949/05
    Founded as Department of Arts & Sciences
  • 1966/04
    Renamed as Faculty of Education
  • 1999/04
    Reorganized into the present four courses
Purpose of establishment:
The Faculty of Education began as the Department of
Arts & Sciences. It was created
through the merger of the Wakayama Normal School and
the Wakayama Normal School for Youth Education.
Its objective has always been the educaion of persons
able to serve society by developing their knowledge,
sense of morals and applied skills through a broad
education in the liberal arts, as well as through
specialized research and teaching in various fields of
liberal arts studies. The Faculty has concentrated in
particular on the training of educators whose
specialized skills in teaching techniques are
complemented by a broad spectrum of learning.
Over the years, the Faculty has countinued to provide
Wakayama Prefecture, Osaka and other regions with
highly competent teaching personnel.
In order to meet the demands of a constantly changing
society and job market, which has seen an appreciable
decline in demand for schoolteachers, the Faculty repeated
improvement in its educational structure. In 1989 two courses
were added, Culture and Sociedty Course consisting of
International Cultural Studies and Lifelong Integrated Education
and Industrial Science Course consisting of Information Science
and Industrial Fundamentals. In 1996 the above courses were reorganized into Integrated Arts and Science
(including International Cultural Studies, Lifelong
Integrated Education, Natural Science courses).
In April 1999, the Faculty carried out further
reorganization of itsprograms, which now comprise
Teacher Training (Educational Sciences, Disciplinary Studies),
International Cultural Studies (International Studies,
Area Studies), Natural and Environmental Studies
(Earth-Environmental Studies, Materials and Environment,
Mathematical Principles and Environment), and Lifelong
Integrated Education (Health and Welfare Sciences,
Arts and Culture).
To further improve the quality and specialized skills
of its graduates, the Graduate School of Education
Master's Program was launched in 1993, followed in 1997
by the Course in Special Education. In 2007 the Course is
reorganized into Course of Special Support Education.
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