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Future University-Hakodate

公立はこだて未来大学, コウリツハコダテミライダイガク
Representive : President, Katagiri Yasuhiro
Establishment year: 2000
Address: 116-2 Kamedanakanocho, Hakodate-shi,Hokkaido 041-8655 Japan
Telephone number: +81-138-34-6448
FAX number: +81-138-34-6470
Organization/Research department name (5):
  • School of Systems Information Science
  • Multi-media Library
  • Center for Meta-Learning
  • Center for university-society Relations and Collaboration
  • Center for Information System Design
History (8):
  • 2000/04
  • 2003/04
  • 2004/04
  • 2005/05
  • 2008/04
Purpose of establishment:
The Future University-Hakodate has a "School of
Systems Information Science"that consists of both
a "Department of Complex and Intelligent Systems"and a "Department
of Media Architecture". Both departments focus on
the study of Information Technology and many related
fields, and aim to nurture students who are
distinctive and talented, capable of moving
creatively and confidently in the System Information
related industries of the 21st D1 century.
Business overview:
The Future University-Hakodate aims to foster young,
talented and flexible people well suited to the
challenges of a globalized 21st D1 century. We are
focusing on several points : firstly, on the study
and research of information systems that will be
necessary for the future. Secondly, we hope to forge
a strong relationship with the local community.
Thirdly, we regard practical experience as an
important part of our educational philosophy, and we
encourage our students to seek ways in which to
contribute to socity. And finally, we are working
on educational research to improve our ability to
compete internationally in Information Technology.
  • 2005: \ 3,163 (Million)
  • 2000: \ 2,177 (Million)
Branch Organization  (1):
  • School of Systems Information Science

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