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Miyagi Prefectural Livestock Experiment Station

宮城県畜産試験場, ミヤギケンチクサンシケンジョウ
Representive : Director General, ISHIKAWA Yuushi
Establishment year: 1973
Address: 1 Aza-Hiwatashi, IwadeyamaMinamizawa, Ohsaki-Shi,Miyagi 989-6445 Japan
Telephone number: +81-229-72-3101
FAX number: +81-229-72-2326
Number of employees: 44
Organization/Research department name (3):
  • Beef cattle division for dairy farming
  • Mating swine and poultry division
  • Pasture and feed division
History (15):
  • 1921/08
    Miyagi Stock Breeding Station was founded in Koriyama, Shiraishi Machi, Katta Gun, Miyagi (now Shiraishi City) and started activities in stock raising of cows only.
  • 1932/04
    Sendai Horse Breeding Association Stud Farm located in Shikama Mura, Kami Gun (now Shikama Machi) was transferred to Miyagi Prefecture and became Miyagi Kami Livestock station.
  • 1944/04
    Stock-farm Instructor Training Facility was attached(renamed Breeding Technical Training Facility in October 1961).
  • 1949/05
    With the closure of Miyagi Livestock Farm, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry located in Nishi-Osaki Mura, Tamatsukuri Gun (now Iwadeyama Machi), its livestock and facilities were transferred to the Facility.
  • 1949/06
    The Facility was moved from Shiraishi Machi (now Shiraishi City) to Nishi-Osaki Mura (now Iwadeyama Machi). After closing Kami Livestock Station, its livestock was moved to the Facility and renamed General Livestock Station with the new service added for horses.
Purpose of establishment:
Experiment, study, recommendation and guidance related
to animal husbandry.
Business overview:
1. Study of animal husbandry management technique, and
experiment related to breeding livestock.
2. Improvement, increase, breeding and spreading of
mating livestock.
3. Artificial fertilization and functional examination
of livestock.
4. Production of pastures and feed crops, and
experiment related to utilization of pastures and
feed crops.
5. Experiment related to pasture improvement.
6. Experiment related to pollution preventive method
in animal husbandry.
7. Quality improvement of livestock products.
8. Spreading and guidance of techniques for animal
  • 2004: \ 471 (Million)

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