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Aichi Cancer Center, Research Institute

愛知県がんセンター 研究所, アイチケンガンセンター ケンキュウショ
Representive : Director, TAJIMA Kazuo
Establishment year: 1964
Address: 1-1 Kanokoden, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 464-8681 Japan
Telephone number: +81-52-762-6111
FAX number: +81-52-763-5233
Number of employees: 60
Organization/Research department name (9):
  • Division of Epidemiology and Prevention
  • Division of Oncological Pathology
  • Division of Molecular Oncology
  • Division of Molecular Medicine
  • Division of Molecular Pathology
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History (8):
  • 1964/12
    Initiation of Medical Services at the Hospital. Total Number of Beds: 333
  • 1982/03
    Completion of the Biohazard Room in the Research Institute.
  • 1983/11
    Completion of the Administration Building.
  • 1988/08
    Completion of the Annex for Advanced Biomedical Researches of the Research Institute.
  • 1991/12
    Completion of the Special Radiotherapy Unit.
Purpose of establishment:
In Japan, as elsewhere, cancer is still one of the most
difficult diseases to prevent, to treat and to cure.
Thus, it is a continuing national concern.
If we are to control cancer effectively, we must study
its frequency, natural history and etiology, then take
positive preventive steps as well as provide adequate
early diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
To promote counter measures against cancer, it is
necessary to conduct basic and applied research as well
as to diagnose and treat cancer patients at specialized
institutions. Other essential steps are the training of
specialists and the dissemination of new techniques.
For this purpose, the Japanese government founded the
National Cancer Center in Tokyo in 1962. In concert and
with the primary objective of cancer control, Aichi
Prefecture founded in 1964 the AICHI CANCER CENTER, a
hospital and research institute, the first in the Tokai
The Research Institute consisted of 9 Divisions and 2
Units when it started. The Institute was reorganized
with 10 Divisions and 4 Units in 1985 and was further
re-organizd with 9 Divisions in 2000 to promote
preclinical and epidemiological studies
Business overview:
A wide range of cancer research is being conducted in
basic and applied fields.
  • 2004: \ 1,501 (Million)
  • 2003: \ 1,678 (Million)
  • 2002: \ 1,719 (Million)
  • 2001: \ 1,641 (Million)
  • 2000: \ 1,652 (Million)

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