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The International University of Kagoshima Faculty of Intercultural Studies

鹿児島国際大学 国際文化学部, カゴシマコクサイダイガク コクサイブンカガクブ
Representive : HOKAZONO Koichi(Dean)
Establishment year: 2000
Address: 8-34-1 Sakanoue, Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima 891-0197 Japan
Telephone number: 099-261-3211
FAX number: 099-261-3299
Number of employees: 960
Organization/Research department name (5):
  • Faculty of intercultural studies
  • The institute for regional studies
  • Information processing center
  • University library
  • The International University of Kagoshima a Museum of Archaeology
Subordinate facility name  (3):
  • The instiute for regional studies
  • University library
  • The International University of Kagoshima a Museum of Archaeology
History (6):
  • 1932/04
    Kagoshima Business High School founded.
  • 1944/04
    Name of school changed to Kagoshima Economic Vocational School.
  • 1950/04
    Kagoshima Economic Vocational School promoted to Kagoshima Business Junior College.
  • 1960/04
    Kagoshima Keizai University(KKU) (the faculty of economics the department of economics) was established.
  • 2000/04
    The name of KKU changed to The International University of Kagoshima(IUK).
Purpose of establishment:
1.Mastery of International view points, Understanding of foreign
cultures,Mastery of Japanese and Japanese culture, Improvement
in foreign language communication capability,Trainig of synthetic
humanity based on global character,Cultivation of practical capability
to meet all current and future situations.
2.Investigation of cultural properties, local entertainment,
archaeological data,etc.

3.Carrying out intensive training courses of foreign languages
including local and overseas training.
4.Teaching several subjects of study on Eastern and Western
cultures aimed at improving the cosmopolitan outlook of
students and developing talented people who can meet the
demands of the present environmeet in Japan in a dynamic
world situation and changing society.
(In order to attain the above purposes)
(1)Improve international communication capability based on
harmonious human relations.
(2)Promote comprehensive understanding of local cultures.
(3)Form a comparitive cultural views of several Eastern and
Western areas in the current world.
(4)Develop interdisciplinary understanding and the capability
to study many-angles in the humanities,society,and natural sciences.
Business overview:
Institution of higher education in literature
Research field (1): Humanities & Social Sciences
Parent Organization  (1):
Branch Organization  (1):

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