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University of Miyazaki Faculty of Engineering

宮崎大学 工学部, ミヤザキダイガク コウガクブ
Representive : Dean, Fujio Imai
Establishment year: 1949
Address: 1-1 Gakuen Kibana-dai Nishi, Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki 889-2192 Japan
Telephone number: +81-985-58-2871
FAX number: +81-985-58-2876
Number of employees: 380
History (22):
  • 1944/05/05
    Miyazaki Higher Technical School was established. (Mechanical Engineering Course, Aviation Course, Chemical Engineering Course).
  • 1944/08/29
    School name changed to Miyazaki-ken Kogyo Senmon Gakko.
  • 1946/02/01
    Aviation Course was abolished and Civil Engineering Course was established.
  • 1949/05/31
    National School Establishment Law (1949's Law No.150), the Faculty of Engineering, Miyazaki University was founded. Department of Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Chemistry, Civil Engineering and Instruction Group on Common Subjects were established.
  • 1951/03/31
    Miyazaki-ken Kogyo Senmon Gakko was abolished.
Purpose of establishment:
As the only engineering faculty in Miyazaki
Prefecture, Faculty of Engineering,
University of Miyazaki aims to promote science and
technology which meets the expectations of various fields
in the local community and the multifaceted needs of the
international community. It seeks to nurture
energetic graduates with the creativity and
high-level versatile practical ability to make
important contributions to developments in science
and culture.
Business overview:
In 1992, the Faculty was reorganized into departments
and subject areas with the aim of contributing to the
needs of the local community and strengthening
interdisciplinary study and research which address to
environmental problems, energy problems, and changes
and advances in Japan's industrial structure. In 1994,
along with reforms, which changed general education
programs to liberal education programs, the Faculty
reexamined the curriculum of technical engineering
courses, and with an eye to the cultivation of
individuality, originality, and nurturing of
engineering expertise, has striven to strengthen its
programs. Currently, the Faculty is aiming for an even
greater promotion of study and research activities
which will contribute to internationalization and the
activation of the local community, and is moving
forward with other plans to reorganize its departments
and carry out educational reforms and improvements,
which will make the Faculty of Engineering,
University of Miyazaki, a unique and even more special
faculty which can transmit its knowledge to Miyazaki and
the international community.
Research field (1): Engineering
  • 2008: \ 206 (Million)
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