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University of Shizuoka School of Food and Nutritional Sciences

静岡県立大学 食品栄養科学部, シズオカケンリツダイガク ショクヒンエイヨウカガクブ
Representive : Dean of SFNS, KINAE Naohide
Establishment year: 1987
Address: 52-1 Yada,Shizuoka,Shizuoka 422-8526 Japan
Telephone number: +81-54-264-5102
FAX number: +81-54-264-5099
Organization/Research department name (2):
  • 2, Department of Food Science
  • Department of Nutritional Science
History (2):
  • 1987/04
    University of Shizuoka opened
  • 1987/04
    School of Food and Nutritional Sciences opened
Purpose of establishment:
Solutions of complex problems related to diet and health
require an integrated scientific knowledge of such
disciplines as biology, chemistry, agricultural science,
engineering, and medicine. Thus the aim of the school is
to increase and integrate a stock of knowledge on food
and health. Food and health have always been a matter of
the utmost importance to human beings.
Parent Organization  (2):
Branch Organization  (2):

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