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Kagawa Nutrition University

女子栄養大学, ジョシエイヨウダイガク
Representive : President, KAGAWA Akio
Establishment year: 1961
Address: 3-9-21 Chiyoda, Sakado-shi, Saitama 350-0288 Japan
Telephone number: +81-49-289-6401
FAX number: +81-49-282-3720
Subordinate facility name  (5):
  • Lifelong Study Center
  • Center for International Affairs
  • Library
  • Institute of Nutrition Sciences
  • High-tech Research Center
History (5):
  • 1933/03
    Institute of Home Food and Nutrition was established.
  • 1948/03
    Legal Person Kagawa Eiyo Gakuen was founded.
  • 1951/01
    Kagawa Eiyo Gakuen was founded.
  • 1961/01
    Joshi Eiyo Daigaku-a four year University-was founded.
  • 1965/01
    Faculty of Home Economics was reorganized and renamed the School of Nutrition Sciences.
Purpose of establishment:
In order to contribute to the development of Japanese
culture, we aim to rationalize the nation’s life through
the improvement of the nation’s nutrition life. For that
we carry out the education in according to the philosophy
of the Fundamental Law of Education and the School
Education Law.
Branch Organization  (11):

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