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Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences

情報科学芸術大学院大学, ジョウホウカガクゲイジュツダイガクインダイガク
Representive : President, YOKOYAMA Tadashi
Establishment year: 2001
Address: 3-95 Ryokecho, Ogaki-shi, Gifu 503-0014 Japan
Telephone number: +81-584-75-6600
FAX number: +81-584-75-6637
Organization/Research department name (7):
  • Graduate School of Media Creations
  • Study Committee
  • Studio1[Interactive Media]
  • Studio2[Time Based Media]
  • Studio3[Interface]
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Subordinate facility name  (2):
  • Center for Media Culture
  • Library
History (2):
  • 1996/04
    International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences Established.
  • 2001/04
    Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences Established.
Purpose of establishment:
The fundamental philosophy of IAMAS is to fuse the
intellect of science and artistic sense to create a
new culture of multimedia art. IAMAS also endeavors
to produce advanced media masters who have the ability
to break new ground in the upcoming information
technology orientated era and contribute to the
development of 21st century industry, culture and
international relations.
Business overview:
Modern society is undergoing massive change due to the
rapid development of information technology. The primary
goals of IAMAS are to produce the specialists required
by modern industry, assist in the computerization and
advancement of regional industries and contribute to
the social development and fulfillment of regional
  • 2006: \ 433 (Million)
  • 2005: \ 437 (Million)
Branch Organization  (3):

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