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Yonago National College of Technology

米子工業高等専門学校, ヨナゴコウギョウコウトウセンモンガッコウ
Representive : President, MASAMI Saitou
Establishment year: 1964
Address: 4448 Hikonacho, Yonago-city, Tottori 683-8502 Japan
History (32):
  • 1964/03
    The first stage construction was completed.
  • 1964/04
    Yonago National College of Technology was established with three department of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Industrial Chemistry.
  • 1964/04
    The opening ceremony and the first entrance ceremony were held.
  • 1965/03
    The second stage construction was completed.
  • 1966/03
    The third stage construction was completed.
Purpose of establishment:
The main advantage of this new system is in its
curriculum and skill learning. The five-year
curriculum is organic and coherent combination :
more general subjects (liberal arts) and
less specialized (technical) ones in lower classes,
and vice versa in upper classes,
with more emphasis on practice and experimentation.
Most of the students go on to graduate schools to obtain a
master's or a doctor's degree.
Ever since this new concept began, colleges of technology
have been playing an important role in meeting the demands
of the times. In 2004, 2-year advanced engineering courses
with the educational and research function equivalent to
the department of technology of a university were newly
  • 2004: \ 1,556 (Million)
  • 2003: \ 1,515 (Million)
  • 2002: \ 265 (Million)
  • 2001: \ 1,815 (Million)
Branch Organization  (12):

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