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National Institute of Technology, Fukui College Information Processing Center

福井工業高等専門学校 総合情報処理センター, フクイコウギョウコウトウセンモンガツコウ ソウゴウジョウホウショリセンター
Representive : Head , SAITO Toru
Establishment year: 1989
Address: Geshicho, Sabae-city, Fukui 916-8507 Japan
Telephone number: +81-778-62-8214
History (2):
  • 1989/04
    General Data Processing Center established.
  • 1996/03
    Campus Information Network established.
Purpose of establishment:
Science the systematic information activity(education
and research) is supported, the Information Processing
Center has been established. This center facilitates
the utilization of the computer system. It promotes
the upgrading of the information processing on
education and research and office work. As a support
of education and research, the center efficiently
carries out the information processing of maintenance
of information networks, academic information service,
other business, for contributing to the development of
Fukui National College of Technology.
Business overview:
The Information Processing Center supports a wide range
of information activities, from information processing
classes for beginners in the first year toadvanced
research for graduates and teachers. Recently,
the center is also being used for information literacy
education as well as for programming practice. The
center has superior hardware and superior software
appropriate for diverse uses. In addition, the center
is the hub of the campus information network, allowing
us to participate in the advanced information society
as an advanced educational institution. The network
enables the transmission, collection, and issuanceof
information as well as lessons by the teachers and
students transcending timeand space.
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