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National Maritime Research Institute

国立研究開発法人海上技術安全研究所, コクリツケンキュウカイハツホウジンカイジョウギジュツアンゼンケンキュウショ
Representive : President, NAKANISHI Takaji
Establishment year: 1963
Address: 6-38-1 Shinkawa, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo 181-0004 Japan
Number of employees: 232
Organization/Research department name (12):
  • Planning Department
  • Revolutionary Coastal Ship(Super Eco-Ship)Project
  • Project for Ship Performance Evaluation at Actual Seas
  • Project for Advanced Ship Structure
  • Human Factors Project
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Subordinate facility name  (12):
  • -400m Experiment Tank
  • -150m Experiment Tank
  • -Large Cavitation Tunnel
  • -80m Square Tank
  • -Facility for life evaluation of ship structural
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History (13):
  • 1916/07
    The Institute was originally established as the Ship Equipment Inspection Station under the Ministry of Telecommunication and Transport.
  • 1920/09
    Osaka Branch was established.
  • 1927/11
    The Branch was renamed Shipping Institute of Ship Management Bureau, Ministry of Communications.
  • 1945/05
    The Istitute was renamed Shipping Institute, Ministry of Transport.
  • 1950/04
    The Station was incorporated into the Transportaion Technical Research Institute under the Ministry of ransport.
Purpose of establishment:
NMRI is the organization for research and development
on advanced and safety marine transport, ocean space
development and preservation of ocean environment.
Business overview:
NMRI engages in research and development on
1. Safety transport at sea,
2. Advanced and efficient marine transport,
3. Development of ocean space,
4. Preservation of ocean environment and
5. Fundamental and frontier subjects concerning on above
four fields.
  • 2001: \ 6,178 (Million)
  • 2000: \ 3,781 (Million)
  • 1998: \ 3,346 (Million)
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