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Hydrographic and Oceanographic Department, Japan Coast Guard

海上保安庁 海洋情報部, カイジョウホアンチョウ カイヨウジョウホウブ
Representive : Chief Director, MASASHI Sue
Establishment year: 1871
Address: 5-3-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0045 Japan
Number of employees: 290
Organization/Research department name (16):
  • Administration and Planning Division
  • Technology Planning and International Affairs Division
  • Ocean Research Laboratory Senior Liaison Officer for
  • Hydrography and Oceanography
  • Director for Earthquake Research
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Subordinate facility name  (10):
  • 5 Hydrographic Survey Vessels
  • Multi-beam Echo Sounder
  • Seismic Profiler System(Singlechannel, Multichannel)
  • Sub-Bottom Profiler
  • Marine Gravity Meter
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History (4):
  • 1871/01
    Hydrographic Department of Japan was established, under Japanese Imperial Navy.
  • 1948/05
    Hydrographic Dept. was incorporated into Japan Coast Guard at the time of its establishment.
  • 1994/01
    Ocean Research Laboratory was founded.
  • 2002/04
    Hydrographic Dept. reformed its organization and changed its name to "Hydrographic and Oceanographic Department".
Business overview:
The Hydrographic and Oceanographic Department of the
Japan Coast Guard conducts hydrographic service as a
central institute in oceanographic investigation and
management and supply of oceanic information in Japan.
The Institute tackles efficiency improvement and
advancement of the hydrographic business by establishing
precise measurement and observation techniques that
adapt to the progress of the technologies, while
reacting precisely to the change of the society and
It also tackles the disaster prevention and marine
environmental problems aggressively.
The Institute conducts investigations to define the
base line of the territorial sea and the delimitation
of the continental shelf, and maintenance of the marine
geodetic survey network in order to promote the
investigations to define the sea area jurisdiction.
System maintenance is conducted to create electronic
drawings for navigation and modernization of the
charting technologies, and the hydrographic notification
service is promoted to supply of information for
navigation safeties. The following investigation and
modernization of services are promoted for the
development for oceanic use and disaster mitigation.
The Institute promotes modernization of the services
of collecting, managing, and supplying oceanic
information, modernization of the flow condition
forecasting, the researches for earthquake prediction,
volcanic eruption prediction, and the investigations
on the global environmental problems.
The Institute participates international projects
actively to contribute international technological
cooperation activities.

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