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Kokushikan University Faculty of Letters Department of History and Geography

国士舘大学 文学部 史学地理学科, コクシカンダイガク ブンガクブ シガクチリガッカ
Representive : TODA Yuji 、ISHIBASHI Takao 、UCHIDA Yorifumi
Establishment year: 1966
Address: 4-28-1 Setagaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-8515 Japan
Telephone number: +81-3-5481-3231
FAX number: +81-3-5481-3328
Organization/Research department name (3):
  • Major in Japanese History,
  • Major in Oriental History,
  • Major in Geography & Environmental Studies
History (26):
  • 1917/01
    Founding of Kokushikan Gijuku.
  • 1926/01
    School of Commerce opens.
  • 1929/01
    College opens with courses in Japanese and Chinese Classics, judo and Kendo.
  • 1930/01
    Established and opens a higher Takushoku School.
  • 1947/01
    Established and opens Kokushikan Junior High School.
Purpose of establishment:
Major in Japanese History: This major consists of
courses in historical materials studies and archaelogy
courses. The historical materials studies course
provides the students with opportunities for studying
historical materials. They also learn the science of
archives and the conservation of historical materials.
In the archeology course, students participate in
excavation surveys of historic spots during summer and
spring vacations starting from their freshman year in
order to receive an education of the highest level.
They take the "Practical Training in Historical
Materials" and "Practical Training in Archaeology"
courses from their freshman year. Emphasis is placed
on education through experience and direct contact
with the origin of the study. Accordingly, the
curriculum is configured to provide the students with
general studies of the peripheral areas through
Oriental history and geography. Practical training
describes this course with the graduates participating
in the research of archeological heritage or working
as part of the educational staff of various institutes.

Major in Oriental History: The students learn about
a wide range of study of Oriental history including
Chinese history. Particularly in Chinese history, the
curriculum covers all of the ages in the history of
China. This course places priority on the study of
Chinese history, thought and philosophy. In addition,
it offers a number of classes on the subjects of Korea,
Northern and Western Asia in the human geography,
physical geography, regional geography, and cultural
anthropology. Students grapple with the reading of
Chinese literature, which covers the indispensable
basics involved in understanding historical materials
starting from their freshman year. Extra curriculum
activities include visits to museums and historical
spots in Nara and Asuka for learning by experience.

Major in Geography & Environmentel Studies: The students
learn about the social, cultural and physical problems of
the global environment, natural resources and urban
development on the axis of human geography, physical
geography and regional geography. This course covers the
most advanced field of geography and provides the students
with highly informative lectures. Curriculums are
carefully arranged to expose the students to the wider
sphere of geography by adding archaeology, and the
histories of Japan, the Orient and Occident. The
laboratories are equipped with computers that retrieve
meteorological satellite imagery and LANDSAT and MOSS
data. Students can freely use the system for their
survey and research activities. The steady academic
progress has been demonstrated in the Home Page on the
Internet prepared by the department.
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