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Nihon University Regional Research Institute of Agricultural Production

日本大学 生物資源科学部国際地域研究所, ニホンダイガク セイブツシゲンカガクブコクサイチイキケンキュウショ
Establishment year: 1976
Address: 1866 Kameino, Fujisawa-shi,Kanagawa 252-8510 Japan
History (4):
  • 1976/01
    The Regional Research Institute of Agriculture in the Pacific Basin(for short RRIAP) is the research institutes attached to the College of Bioresource Sciences of Nihon University, which conducts programs of rearches and researchers exchange in the Pacific Basin, established and have realized excellent achievement since 1985.
  • 1976/05
  • 1987/01
  • 2003/04
    Change one's name from "Regional Research Institute of Agriculture in the Pacific Basin(RRIAP)" to "Regional Research Institute of Agricultural Production(RRIAP)".
Purpose of establishment:
The objective of the RRIAP is to contribute toward
the industrial development centered around the
primary industry and the prosperity of residents
in the region which covers the Pacific Basin,
in particular, by engaging in study.
Business overview:
1.Cooperative studies and researches with foreign
2.Mutual exchange of researchers.
4.Collection and consolidation of literature and date.
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