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Naruto University of Education

鳴門教育大学, ナルトキョウイクダイガク
Representive : President, TANAKA Yuzo
Establishment year: 1981
Address: 748, Nakashima, Takashima, Naruto-cho, Naruto-shi, Tokushima 772-8502 Japan
Telephone number: +81-88-687-6000
FAX number: +81-88-687-6040
Organization/Research department name (10):
  • Graduate School of Education, College of Education,
  • University Library, Center for Educational Career Development,
  • Center for Long-Term Study Student Support,
  • Center for Collaboration in Community,
  • Center for Information Technology Services,
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Subordinate facility name  (8):
  • Humanities Hall, Sciences Hall, Technical Service Center,
  • Health Education Hall, Arts Hall, Lecture Hall,
  • University Library, General Student Services Building,
  • Administration Hall, Center for Collabortion in Community,
  • Gymnasium, Club House, Auditorium, University Hall,
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History (45):
  • 1974/05/20
    "The Comittee for University of Teacher Education with New Idea" at the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture (MESC) prepared the report, "The Concept for New Undergraduate and Graduate University for Teacher Education."
  • 1978/11/01
    "The Office for Arrangement to Establish Naruto University of Education" was set up at Administration Office of Tokushima University.
  • 1980/04/03
    Professor Emeritus MAEDA Yoshiaki, Osaka University became the Head of the Office.
  • 1981/04/14
    "The Act for National School Establishment" was partially changed at 94 National Diet. The Naruto University of Education was established as a legal entity.
  • 1981/10/01
    The Naruto University of Education was inaugurated. Professor Emeritus MAEDA Yoshiaki was installed as the president of the university. Teacher Training Courses for Kindergarten and Elementary School, College of Education(Admission 200) were set up. (The enrollment started on 1986.) Administration Office was established at the office of Tokushima University.
Purpose of establishment:
Higher standards for teachers have come to be
expected today in Japanese society. As educators,
teachers should have not only a through understandingof
the growth and development of human beings but also
sufficient knowledge, ideas, background, methods and
technics to teach effectively. Naruto University
of Education was established on October 1, 1981 by the
Japanese government to respond with a new approach to
such social demands. The university is a new kind of
"University for teachers" in that it is designed to
retrain teachers from nation-wide schools through
advanced course work and research in graduate
programsaswell as to train elementary and secondary
school teachers in undergraduate programs. About two
thirds of the graduate-school capacity is allotted to
applicantswho have three or more years of experience
as elementary or secondary schoolteachers. The object
of the undergraduate programs (College of Education) is
toproduce elementary or
secondary school teachers who are well qualified for
teachingin all areas and subjects on the
basis of comprehensive understanding of growth and
development of children.
  • 2015: \ 4,612 (Million)
  • 2014: \ 4,611 (Million)
  • 2013: \ 4,828 (Million)
  • 2012: \ 4,960 (Million)
Branch Organization  (37):

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