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Hokkaido Ornamental Plants and Vegetables Research Center

北海道立花・野菜技術センター, ホッカイドウリツハナヤサイギジュツセンター
Representive : General Director, AOYAMA Toshio
Establishment year: 1996
Address: 735 Higashitakikawa, Takikawa-shi, Hokkaido 073-0026 Japan
Telephone number: +81-125-28-2800
FAX number: +81-125-28-2165
Number of employees: 45
Organization/Research department name (4):
  • Floral Section
  • Vegetable Section
  • Soil and Fertilizer Section
  • Plant Pathology and Entomology Section
History (3):
  • 1996/01
    Hokkaido Ornamental Plants and Vegetables Research Center was started by the revision of Regulations of Hokkaido Agricultural Experiment Station.
  • 1997/01
    Training project was started.
  • 2000/01
    Accompanied by structural reform, the system of 2 divisions, 1 department, 7 sections, and 1 room was reorganized with 3 divisions, 1 department, and 5 sections.
Purpose of establishment:
The center is a synthetic research facility for
ornamental plants and vegetables to develop the
production, distribution, and technology of safe and
high-quality crops, grown in the fine environment in
Hokkaido. We also provide Training programs in
technology transfers for producers and technical
Business overview:
-Introduction and development of new species.
-Change of growing season and betterment of
cultivation methods.
-Determination of causes of hindrances to production
and development of techniques for stabilization of
-Improvement of techniques which enable production
of high quality products and of preservation during
-Support for spreading advanced agricultural
technology to growing areas.
-Spread and improvement of agricultural technique
required by the regional community in cooperation
with agricultural extension centres.
-Implementation of job training in flowers and
vegetalbe agriculture to nurture farmers and
technical experts.
  • 2005: \ 544 (Million)

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