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Nippon Medical School

日本医科大学, ニホンイカダイガク
Representive : President, Genma, Akihiko
Establishment year: 1876
Address: 1-1-5 Sendagi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8602 Japan
History (26):
  • 1876/04
    Saisei-gakusha, a medical practitioner's training school where Western Medicine was studied, wad founded by Tai Hasegawa. This was the direct predecessor of Nippon Medical School (NMS).
  • 1904/04
    Nippon Igakukou, a private medical school was founded and accepted a number of students from Saisei-gakusha. NMS celebrates its foundation day on April 15th in commemoration of the foundation of Nippon Igakukou.
  • 1912/07
    Nippon Igakukou expanded to meet the requirements of Senmon Gakkourei, (the Technical Schools Act of 1903) and changed its name to Shiritsu Nippon Igaku Senmon Gakkou, an endowed school whose purpose was to produce doctors.
  • 1926/02
    In accordance with Daigakurei (the Universities Act of 1918), Nippon Igaku Senmon Gakkou became Nippon Ika Daigaku (Nippon Medical School), accredited to give tertiary education together with a pre-university course.
  • 1932/04
    The campus for the pre-university course was moved to Kosugi, Nakahara Ward in Kawasaki. (The original school building was destroyed during the War. The present Shin Maruko Campus was built on the site.)
Purpose of establishment:
In accordance with the provisions of Fundamentals of
Education Act and School Education Act, our objectives
are to establish education facilities such as university
and to carry out the education.
Business overview:
In accordance with the founding spirit of "to conquer
oneself and to serve society", we endeavor to foster
doctors and medical scientists, who have love and
enthusiasm for research.
Research field (1): Life Science
  • 2004: \ 73,541 (Million)
Branch Organization  (3):

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