J-GLOBAL ID:200907017950720107   Nikkaji number:J6.626E

Antimycin A3

Substance type:
Substance type
Substance type classified into 3 categories.
Decided structure: Substances with a clear structure
Undicided Structure: Substances with unknown or undetermined structure
Mixtures: Mixtures, racemic compounds, or compounds with relative structural arrangements
Systematic name  (1):
  • 3-メチルブタン酸(3S,4R,7R,8R,9S)-3-[(3-ホルミルアミノ-2-ヒドロキシベンゾイル)アミノ]-4,9-ジメチル-2,6-ジオキソ-7-ブチル-1,5-ジオキソナン-8-イル/2-メチルブタン酸(3S,4R,7R,8R,9S)-3-[(3-ホルミルアミノ-2-ヒドロキシベンゾイル)アミノ]-4,9-ジメチル-2,6-ジオキソ-7-ブチル-1,5-ジオキソナン-8-イル
Other name (9):
  • ブラストマイシン
  • アンチマイシンA3
  • Blastmycin
  • Blastomycin
  • Antimycin A3
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Component Nikkaji number  (2):
CAS registry number: 522-70-3
Regulation number (1):
  • EINECS2083356
Thsaurus map:

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