J-GLOBAL ID:200907033204223497   Nikkaji number:J209.198D


Substance type:
Substance type
Substance type classified into 3 categories.
Decided structure: Substances with a clear structure
Undicided Structure: Substances with unknown or undetermined structure
Mixtures: Mixtures, racemic compounds, or compounds with relative structural arrangements
Undecided structure
Other name (17):
  • ヘパリンナトリウム塩
  • ナトリウムヘパリナート
  • ナトリウムヘパリン
  • ナトリウム酸ヘパリン
  • ヘパリンナトリウム
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CAS registry number: 9041-08-1
Regulation number (1):
  • TSCA(9041-08-1)
KEGG DRUG: D02112D02980D03337D03353D03673D04977D06398
Thsaurus map:

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