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Ueta Takako

ウエタ タカコ | Ueta Takako
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Research field  (2): Local studies ,  International relations
Research keywords  (1): International Security CSBM EU OSCE NATO
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • 1989 - 1989 Japanese Research in Diplomatic History of Continental Europe
Papers (12):
  • Takako Ueta. The Role of Europe in Enhancing Cooperative Security in Asia and the Pacific. Security Policy Brief. 2013. 50. 1-10
  • Takako Ueta. EU Policy toward Asia and the Pacific. ISPSW Strategy Series. 2013. 250. 1-20
  • Takako Ueta. EU Policy toward Asia and the Pacific. RSCAS(Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, European University Institute) Working Paper. 2013. 2013/15. 1-18
  • Takako Ueta. The Evolution of the CSCE/OSCE and its Relations with Japa. 国際法外交雑誌. 2007. 105. 4. 94-121
  • Takako Ueta. Japan, NATO and the European Unio. France and Japan in a Changing Security Environment(Les cahiers de l'ifri). 1998. 23. 103-111
MISC (4):
  • Takako Ueta. Croatia to become the Newest European Union Member in 2013. Japan Times. 2012
  • Takako Ueta. Japan and Wider Europe. Mezinarodni Politik. 1995. 22-23
  • Takako Ueta. Towards an Extended Euro-Atlantic Community. Atlantisch Perspective, The Hague. 1993. 18-19
  • Takako Ueta. The Future of Japan-Europe Security Cooperatio. Mainichi Daily News, Japan-EC Special Issue. 1993
Books (22):
  • Developing EU-Japan Relations in a Changing Regional Context: A Focus on Security, Law and Policies
    Routledge 2017
  • Towards an EU Global Strategy- Consulting the Experts
    EU Institute for Security Studies, Paris 2016
  • The OSCE Asian Partnership for Co-operation, Reflections and Perspectives
    OSCE Secretariat, Vienna 2015
  • Japan-European Union:A Strategic Partnership in the Making (Studia Diplomatica) Vol.LX,2007, No.4
    The Royal Institute of International Relations,Belgium 2008
  • Tokyo-Brussels Parthership: Security,Development and Knowledge-based Society
    P.I.E. Peter-Lang, Brussels 2008
Lectures and oral presentations  (88):
  • "Japan EU Conference, Twenty Years' History"
    (20th Japan EU Conference 2017)
  • Opening remarks(Welcome words), Introductory remarks(Session two: Cooperation in Hybrid Threats in View of the EU Global Strategy)
    (19th Japan EU Conference 2016)
  • The Cooperation between NAPCI and OSCE to Further Multilateral Cooperation in Norheast Asia
    (2016 Korea-OSCE Joint Seminar on Northeast Asia Peace and Cooperation Initiative(NAPCI) 2016)
  • Principal aspects of regional cooperation between EU NATO and Japan with "third countries"
    (The Role of EU and NATO for Japan's Security 2016)
  • Discussant: Development of region-specific CBMs for prevention of maritime and air conflicts and future direction for security cooperation in Northeast Asia
    (Truck 2 Dialogue on Sharing Experiences with OSCE in Confidence Building Measres 2015)
Work history (13):
  • 1989/04 - 現在 1989年度助教授、 1990-1995年度 準教授、 1996年度以降 正教授
  • 2013/04 - 2013/05 客員研究員
  • 2008/07 - 2011/03 Ambassador, Deputy Chief of the Mission of Japan to the EU 次席大使
  • 2006/04 - 2010/03 客員教授
  • 2005/10 - 2008/09 特任教授
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