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Affiliation and department:
Papers (57):
  • Miyahara M., Ohtani E., Nishijima M., and El Goresy A. Olivine melting at high pressure condition in the chassignite Northwest Africa 2737. Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors. 2019. 291. 1-11
  • Yang, Jing; Zhan, Chi; Miyahara, Masaaki; Tan, Xu; Gu, Lixin; Lin, Yangting. Evidence for early impact on a hot differentiated planetesimal from Al-rich micro-inclusions in ungrouped achondrite Northwest Africa 7325. GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA. 2019. 258. 310-335
  • Kayama M., Tomioka N., Ohtani E., Seto Y., Nagaoka H., Götze J., Miyake A., Ozawa S., Sekine T., Miyahara M., Tomeoka K., Matsumoto M., Shoda N. and Hirao N. Discovery of moganite in a lunar meteorite as a trace of water ice in the Moon’s subsurface. Science Advances. 2018. 4. 5
  • Kato Y., Sekine T., Kayama M., Miyahara M. and Yamaguchi A. High-pressure polymorphs in Yamato-790729 L6 chondrite and their significance for collisional conditions. Meteoritics and Planetary Science. 2017. 52. 12. 2570-2585
  • Maeda F., Kamada S., Ohtani E., Hirao N., Mitsui T., Masuda R., Miyahara M. and McCammon C. Spin state and electronic environment of iron in basaltic glass in the lower mantle. American Mineralogist. 2017. 102. 2106-2112
Lectures and oral presentations  (37):
  • Application of a FIB system to ultra-high-pressure Earth and planetary sciences.
    (Applications of FIB (Focused ion beam) Technology” workshop 2015)
  • Water-rich lunar upper mantle as recorded in lunar meteorites
    (Japan Geoscience Union meeting 2016 2016)
  • CBコンドライトに含まれる高圧相
    (鉱物科学会2016年年会 2016)
  • 赤外吸収分光法により検出される月隕石の水
    (日本惑星科学会2016年秋季講演会 2016)
  • Natural high-pressure polymorphs of silica in shocked meteorites
    (International Workshop:New Challenges in Volatile Cycling in the Deep Earth 2016)
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