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Nishikawa Yukiko

Nishikawa Yukiko
Research field  (1): International relations
Papers (7):
  • Yukiko Nishikawa. The reality of protecting the Rohingya: an inherent limitation of the Responsibility to protect. Asian Security. 2020. 16. 1. 90-106
  • Yukiko NISHIKAWA. Development Cooperation for Post-Conflict Fragile States:A critical examination and future perspective. Journal of International Relations. 2017. 186. 16-32
  • Yukiko Nishikawa. State-building and Governance Assistance for the Post 2015 Development Agenda. Journal of International Development Studies. 2014. 23. 1. 87-102
  • Yukiko Nishikawa. A missing standpoint in post-conflict statebuilding and challenges to the international community. International Politics. 2013. 174. 27-40
  • Yukiko Nishikawa. Human Security in Southeast Asia: Viable Solution or Empty Slogan?. SECURITY DIALOGUE. 2009. 40. 2. 213-236
MISC (2):
  • NISHIKAWA, Yukiko. Governance and Economic Development in Post-Conflict Countries: What Do 30 Post-Conflict Countries Inform Us?. GSID Discussion Paper. 2019. 210
  • NISHIKAWA, Yukiko. Saving the Stateless? Myanmar, the Rohingya and R2P. Oxford Resarch Group. 2019
Books (5):
  • Political Sociology of Japanese Pacifism
    Routledge 2018 ISBN:9781138058712
  • The effect of globa economy in contemporary world
    Routledge 2016
  • Human Security in Southeast Asia
    Routledge 2010 ISBN:0415625483
  • Human Security in Asia: Emerging Issues and Challenges
  • Japan's Changing Role in Humanitarian Crises
    Routledge 2005 ISBN:0415649404
Lectures and oral presentations  (4):
  • The Principle of presumption of innocence In law and practices in Japan
    (Online expert conference on the presumption of innocence 2020)
  • Japanese response to COVID-19: politics of emergency power, human rights and the rule of law
    (Laws on the state of emergency (online) 2020)
  • Fundamental challenges for contemporary global constitutionalism
    (New thinking on global constitutionalism 2019)
  • Japanese Role for ASEAN's Development
    (International Symposium on Asian Developnent Studies 2018)
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