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ヤマシタ シンイチ | YAMASHITA Shinichi
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Associate professor
Homepage URL  (2): http://www.tokai.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/kiki/http://www.tokai.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/kiki/
Research field  (5): Environmental effects of chemicals ,  Environmental effects of radiation ,  Nuclear engineering ,  Polymer chemistry ,  Polymer materials
Research keywords  (11): track ,  radical ,  ion beam ,  radiolysis ,  water ,  ionizing radiation ,  water radiolysis ,  track structure ,  heavy ion beam ,  free radical ,  radiation
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (11):
  • 2018 - 2022 【代表者】放射線によるDNA損傷形成における水和水の作用の解明
  • 2017 - 2020 【分担者】レーザー誘電体スイッチ型卓上マイクロビーム源の開発と応用
  • 2013 - 2015 Study of Radiolysis of Water at Elevated Temperature as a Basis of Water Chemistry
  • 2012 - 2013 Inhomogeneous State near Polymer Studied with Radiation-Induced Reactive Species as a Probe
  • 2011 - 2012 Sensitivitiy Improvement of Polymer Gel Dosimeter based on Natural Polymer for Radiation Therapy of Cancer
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Papers (39):
  • John McGrady, Shinichi Yamashita, Atsushi Kimura, Sho Kano, Huilong Yang, Zhengang Duan, Takumi Saito, Hiroaki Abe. γ-radiation effects on metal oxide particles and their wetted surfaces. Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology. 2020. 57. 4. 463-471
  • Jun Ma, Anil Kumar, Yusa Muroya, Shinichi Yamashita, Tsuneaki Sakurai, Sergey A. Denisov, Michael D. Sevilla, Amitava Adhikary, Shu Seki, Mehran Mostafavi. Observation of dissociative quasi-free electron attachment to nucleoside via excited anion radical in solution. Nature Communications. 2019. 10. 1. 102
  • Hao YU, Shinichi YAMASHITA. Radical Scavenging and Chemical Repair of Rutin Observed by Pulse Radiolysis: as a Basis for Radiation Protection. Free Radical Research. 2019. 53. 9-10. 1005-1013
  • Teppei YAMADA, Yusa MUROYA, Shinichi YAMASHITA, Yoshitaka KOMURO, Daisuke KAWANA, Akiyoshi YAMAZAKI, Takahiro KOZAWA. Pulse Radiolysis of Carboxylic Acids used as Ligands of Metal Oxide Nanocluster Resists. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. 2019. 58. 9. 096504
  • Yi WANG, Zhihao WU, Hanqin WENG, Xuchen DING, Lan WANG, Fuhai LI, Yaxiong WEI, Sheng CHENG, Shinichi YAMASHITA, Mingzhang LIN. Separation of Re(VII) from Aqueous Solution by Acetone-enhanced Photoreduction: An Insight into the Role of Acetone. Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry. 2019. 380. 111823
MISC (20):
Books (1):
  • "Charged Particle and Photon Interactions with Matter - Recent Advances, Applications, and Interfaces -" Ed. by Yoshihiko HATANO, Yosuke KATSUMURA, Asokendu MOZUMDER, CRC Press, Boca Raton
    CRC Press 2010
Lectures and oral presentations  (8):
  • Sequential Radiation Chemical Reactions in Aqueous Solution of Halide Ions
    (The 30th Miller Conference on Radiation Chemistry 2017)
  • Pulse Radiolysis of LiCl-KCl Molten Salt
    (The 3rd Workshop on Radiation Effects in Nuclear Technology (RENT3) 2016)
  • Sequential Radiation Chemical Reactions in Aqueous Solutions of Br<sup>-</sup> and Cl<sup>-</sup>
    (The 13th Biennial Trombay Symposium on Radiation & Photochemistry and the 6th Asia-Pacific Symposium on Radiation Chemistry. (TSRP-APSRC-2016) 2016)
  • Picosecond and Nanosecond Pulse Radiolysis of Melts of Lithium-Potassium Chloride
    (The 29th Miller Conference on Radiation Chemistry 2015)
  • Water Radiolysis with Heavy Ions of Energies up to 28 GeV
    (3rd Asia-Pacific Symposium on Radiation Chemistry (APSRC-2010) / DAE-BRNS 10th Biennial Trombay Symposium on Radiation & Photochemistry (TSRP-2010), Lonavala, India 2010)
Education (4):
  • 2003 - 2008 University of Tokyo
  • - 2008 The University of Tokyo
  • 1999 - 2003 University of Tokyo
  • - 2003 The University of Tokyo
Professional career (1):
  • PhD, Engineering (The University of Tokyo)
Work history (8):
  • 2017/07 - 現在 The University of Tokyo Nuclear Professional School, School of Engineering Associate professor
  • 2013/01 - 2017/06 The University of Tokyo Nuclear Professional School, School of Engineering Assistant professor
  • 2013/01 - 2013/03 Universite de Paris-Sud Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, “Institutional Program for Young Researcher Overseas Visits”
  • 2012/10 - 2013/01 The University of Tokyo Nuclear Professional School, School of Engineering Specially-appointed assistant professor
  • 2011/04 - 2012/10 Quantum Beam Science Directorate, Japan Atomic Energy Agency (QuBS, JAEA) Postdoctoral Fellow
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Committee career (11):
  • 2019/04 - 現在 Atomic Energy Society of Japan Member of Steering Committee of Water Chemistry Division
  • 2018/04 - 現在 日本原子力学会 北関東支部会,幹事
  • 2018/04 - 現在 日本放射線化学会 編集委員会,委員
  • 2017/10 - 現在 日本放射線化学会 理事
  • 2017/06 - 現在 日本原子力学会 「核分裂生成物(FP)挙動」研究専門委員会,委員
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Awards (15):
  • 2014/06 - 第15回放射線プロセスシンポジウム 優秀賞 放射線橋かけ技術を用いたポリマーゲル線量計の作製
  • 2013/09 - Japan Society of Medical Physics Award for Excellent Study
  • 2012/02 - The 2nd Internationla Workshop on Radiation Effects in Nuclear Technology Poster Award Online Analysis and Yield Determination of H2 Produced in Water Radiolysis with Co-60 gamma-rays and C Ion Beams
  • 2011/09 - Japanese Society of Radiation Chemistry Poster Award Development of Polymer Gel Dosimeter Based on Hydroxypropycellulose Hydrogel: Effects of Solute Compositions on Dose Response for Gamma-irradiations in Terms of Turbidity
  • 2011/03 - Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC), Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) ASRC, Director's Award Study on Radiolysis of Liquid Water Relevant to Radiation Track Structure and its Dynamics
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Association Membership(s) (6):
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